Hello, Goodbye

After six years at a private K-8 private school, I have decided to pursue an administrative role at a private all-girls high school beginning July 1st.  My new title will be the Director of Instructional Innovation, Resources, and Media.  According to my job description, “The Director of Instructional Innovation, Resources, and Media will be a visionary leader with a history of demonstrated success of empowering the faculty and student community to respond flexibly and creatively to 21st century change. Working closely with faculty, the DIIRM will model creativity, engagement, innovation, and thinking broadly about teaching and learning. The successful candidate will demonstrate expertise in innovative pedagogies, curricular design and assessment of learning outcomes in the context of a faith-based learning environment. The DIIRM will be responsible for continuous improvement in a vibrant and diverse range of faculty and staff development programs to support teaching and learning.  The DIIRM will teach two sections of a semester-long social justice themed information literacy and interdisciplinary research project course. She will provide leadership and expertise in acquiring and evaluating information resources in all formats, in bringing an awareness of information issues into collaborative relationship with teachers, administrators, students and community. Inherent with this responsibility are the professional objectives related to academic knowledge, educational skills, personal judgment and ethical behavior. She will also represent the high school at conferences, keep current in research and best practices, and develop student leadership in the implementation of information resources.”

Personally, I see myself being able to share a strong student-centered pedagogy with both students and teachers.  I will show them everything I learn at Google Apps For Education Summits, Edcamps, local and state CUE conferences, IntegratED, and other conferences that I have attended and will attend in the future. Because I am a lifelong learner, I will be able to share my excitement and new learning to those I am expected to train, support, and motivate.  I am excited about this new role – though I am sad to leave the Director of Technology position as well.  Like I always tell my students and colleagues, “Change is good!”  It has been sad saying goodbye to my coworkers who have spent the last six years watching me change and grow into the educator I am today.  I look forward to being at a new school, with new students who will inspire, motivate, and teach me. I am excited to join a new faculty and staff of dedicated teachers who shape young women’s minds and hearts daily.

Hello, Goodbye!

redapple by vaso fllipov from openclipart

redapple by vaso fllipov from openclipart


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