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It’s the beginning of a new school year, and I’m loving all the great energy and inspiration that is coming from my district’s new hires. I went to the new teacher orientation meeting to help Tina, our amazing New Teacher Mentor/Liaison for the district. She had me lead a short session on educational technology information […]

My Update

My Update

I’ve been busy, but I’m not complaining! Truthfully, I’m always busy, but this winter has been especially busy.  In January, I did that amazing Midsession with my students at GAFEsummit, and we were invited back in February to the Roseville, California summit.  It was just as amazing as the first time my students presented, and […]

Midsession:  GAFE Summit at Napa Valley

Midsession: GAFE Summit at Napa Valley

Every January, the week after Christmas break at our school is called Midsession Week.  Midsession is a time where teachers provide really cool opportunities and classes for the students.  Ski trips, internships, and other cool offerings are made available for students.  This was my first year at this high school, so I was, at first, […]

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Google posted a blog of my experiences!

Google posted a blog about my experiences with Chrome, Chromebooks, Fusion Labs’ Chrome RDP, and Google Apps for Education. Maybe they’ll do a follow-up story on how I incorporate Chromebooks at the high school level. You can find and read the official blog post here:    

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Hello, Goodbye

After six years at a private K-8 private school, I have decided to pursue an administrative role at a private all-girls high school beginning July 1st.  My new title will be the Director of Instructional Innovation, Resources, and Media.  According to my job description, “The Director of Instructional Innovation, Resources, and Media will be a […]

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Accepted to MERIT 2013!

I opened the email yesterday, and it stated, “Congratulations Lisa,  You are invited to participate in MERIT 2013!” MERIT is an acronym for Making Education Relevant and Interactive through Technology. From their website: For more than a decade, the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College (KCI) has hosted one of the premier educational […]